To fulfill its mission of contributing to the narrowing of the skills, entrepreneurship, innovation, and gender gaps in the MENA region, the AMENA Center is designing the general plan, training programs, curricula of the supplemental courses, acceleration and incubation programs as well as the execution roadmap and support of an Innovation Center in Palestine. 

The primary objective of the Palestine Innovation Initiative for Advanced Technologies (PII) will be to inspire and empower talented college graduates and professionals to develop innovative solutions for real-world problems through advanced technologies. In addition to advanced technologies, participants in the training programs will be equipped with such soft skills as design and systems thinking and entrepreneurship, which will enable them to establish and scale startup companies.

In an era in which disruptive technologies are rapidly transforming old industries and generating new ones, college students and graduates need to enhance their capacity for drawing on emerging 21st Century skills and technologies to advance innovation and entrepreneurialism in existing organizations as well as new enterprises. Indeed, the acquisition of technological skills and the ability to apply them is fast becoming indispensable in surmounting the challenges associated with remaining relevant and competitive in an environment of rapidly changing innovation.

As with their counterparts throughout the region and the world, the youth in Palestine are in need more than ever before to develop their abilities and become empowered to function as productive players in the innovation driven and knowledge based economy. To make a meaningful contribution to the entrenchment of a competitive economy, the Palestine Innovation Initiative for Advanced Technologies  (PII) will play a pivotal role in improving employment opportunities, promoting technology innovation and entrepreneurship, and driving startup growth.